Kirkpatrick Policy Group is an Oklahoma City-based think tank for good whose members strive to be an authority and community partner in the areas of animals, the arts and art education, and women’s reproductive health. Below we voice our policy goals and statements, bringing to the table decades of experience and leadership in business, philanthropy, leadership, governance, cooperation, and collaboration.  

The Arts and Art Education

KPG advocates for increased arts and art education funding at the state level for the Oklahoma Arts Council and the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority and at the federal level for Oklahoma Humanities. We support policy and funding to increase art education programs in Oklahoma’s K – 12 public schools. Municipal and public-school libraries must be protected by promoting policy that eschews censorship and opposing legislation that would restrict intellectual freedoms.

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Women's Reproductive Health

KPG works to protect access to the full range of women’s reproductive health services, including family planning and contraception. We promote policy that will further reduce teen birth rates in Oklahoma, including increased funding of the federal Teen Pregnancy Prevention grant program. We promote policy and legislation that ensures the full realization of the Oklahoma Health Education Act of 2021, and we oppose policy and legislation that would hinder enforcement of this law. We work to protect access to medically factual, evidence-based, age-appropriate health education in Oklahoma’s K – 12 public schools.

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Companion animals, farm animals, and wildlife all deserve to live in comfort and with dignity. KPG promotes policy that protects all creatures great and small. Farm animals – who already live and die for human benefit – should have adequate food, shelter, and medical treatment. They must not be mistreated or imprisoned in cages scarcely larger than their own bodies. The cruel practice of animal fighting must end. Criminal penalties for those who choose to break established law must be maintained and enforced. We must ensure legal protections for wildlife, including environmental policies that protect habitats and ecosystems. Regulations and enforcement related to puppy mill conditions must be vigilant. We support economic policy that curtails the retail sale of pets.

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Policy Statements

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